Sewing projects with 3 year old

Sewing is a great skill and so much more contributional to thriving child growth when started young. Helps creativity and problem solving, not mentioning incredible fine motor skill work and inspiration for creating all you want with your own hands, which teaches the child to be less dependable on others, building up self empowerment and understanding that knowing and planning basic steps can help him achieve his own unique desirable results. At this age especially girls are becoming more interested in dressing the dolls and other toys, why not empower them by stating "You know you can design and make your own clothing for your doll!" The excitement will be endless! You will find your daughter sitting and cutting and recutting and designing and stitching on her own! 


Again important fact for child growth is to break up what surrounds him or her and show him that it all can be created by him or her too! Following is the breakdown of the main values of this activity:

1. Fabrics : SENSORY: texture, feel,

                   VISUAL: design, patterns




                 COLORS, SIZE, MEASURING,

 SO how to start SAFELY most importantly at this young age? 

I was looking for sewing machine safe for self time, my daughter in particular likes to work independently a lot and I LOVE IT TOO! First I was thinking just searching for a good child safe regular stitching machine (with thread), and protective plastic shield where the needles go. I couldn't really find ones with good reviews, most machines needed often rethreading and I know my daughter would use it nonstop and if re threading is tedious (as most reviews complained) it will not be fun at all and might get frustrating for her and me. Then my eye caught " Sew Cool"  and we purchased it from Amazon  (affiliated link) below , also available in purple and glitter

I liked the reviews and it looked solid perfect for a very young kid, simple projects, using non thread stitching which I was curious about to try and comes with set of fabrics and project patterns and materials.

It uses fabrics that actually get attached through  pulling threads into both fabric layers

We ran out of their felt fro the set very fast :). Then we tried regular felt and it works wonderful the only thing is that their fabrics is thinner and easier to stitch when multi layered. But I have lots of regular felt for expetimenting so she can cut recut and stitch on without thread run out and without me sitting next to her most of the time. In the end  SEW COOL was our  best decision. 

Now onto the fun part and our projects: (we will be adding the pages withing next  several days) Click to follow the link.

SEW COOL: Owl clothing

SEW COOL: Doll clothing, understanding pattern importance layout and sketching

SEW COOL: Pattern design

Now we ready for threaded machine.

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