Sewing with 3 y.o: Sew Cool : doll clothing


 Detailed description is coming soon!

She started experimenting on her own, amazing to see child's understanding of how clothing should wrap around - invaluable volume understanding and visualization experience.Cannot emphasize enough value of these activity. I let her use simple tape for attaching once she just started with machine, I guess it was easier for her this way


 We are using Sew Cool 


 She was working on her own for quite some time!, here is great safety and child proof of Sew Cool that we started to love.


 Here is the project we did together days after as I wanted to roughly give my daughter an  idea of realistic clothing design process from measuring, paper patterns to marking on the fabrics to cutting and stitching. I didn't bother with real sleeve design or which side marking should go and seams, my goal was in short fast pace dynamic way (the best suitable for 3 year olds) break up this process in a simple most visual way possible.







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