Pattern matching:Logic builder activities

 Set 1: DIY black and white graphic shapes pattern match

Use black and white paper and create random designs with opposite shapes, black on white white on black, graphisms and swirls. Create matching activity on poster board. Use one design of a pair to mount on sticky tape. We like to use Teachers tape as it can be reused and removed easily.(we will be adding printables and detailed description soon!)











Set 2 Color pattern matching

Here are images of pattern matching. This amazing activity practices not only dexterity, fine motor skills, eye coordination but logic and memory. Beautiful images build up creativity sources. (coming...)


set 3 Color swatch matching

We were covering red color theme, all about red color we could find and there is no better excercise then learning which shades of red are existing around. Best source - paint stores! We used swatches from Home Depot, picked more less distinct shades from pink to beige, colder to warmer shades. There is probably more than 1000 shades of red, but picking most prominent and offering it to children for matching activity will help them to build up the finest eye differentiation and deeper understanding of color as well as awareness of color qualities and essence.And if you can add color mixing to this activity it will be simply incredible learning value! see the image below.  


1. get red color swatches from the paint store, choose various shades, try checking different paint brands stands as swatch shades really differ from brand to brand.

2. take poster board

3. use removable double sided tape to mount the swatches. Precut swatches: making 2 parts of each shades form matching. Mount one part and put the second in to the basket. 

4. start activity by talking a little bit about colors, we had crayola red color spy book to see things that can be read and play a little bit. Then started card finding. Ask your child to take a card from the basket and hold it close to the swatch that looks closest to see if it is a match. Some shades are so fine, but my 3,5 y.o son did very good!Children also build up best attention strategies!



Here is a little hands on color mixing to really understand how those shades apper! Get some red color and ask your child dip a brush and add colors:

For example: 

Pick a dark red card, ask him how would he make this color? Discuss the color, is it warm or cold, is it light or dark. Try mixing in dark cold color like blue or even black on the tip of the brush and see what happends.

Pick warm orange shade and again ask your child what he sees in this color, is it warmer or colder? add a little yellow or orange, is it getting warmer now? why?how does it make him or her feel?, discuss what happens, observe together. Maybe your child can create his amazing color! Let him or her go free and follow their own thinking and creativity!

You can introduce cold warm colors theory prior, here is the link to amazing source on color theories on pintrest  Print it out for your reference.



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