Ping Pong Ball pattern activity DIY


Here is one of the ways you can make your own red and blue ping pong balls for this great activity and the pattern guide cards we offer as PDF

- 2 dozens ping pong balls (we approximate to meet any of the activity needs that may arise later so that not to return to making more balls again: different patters, child free play and free creative play ideas, broken pieces, lost pieces, multiple students and etc) You can get 144 for $6.45 on Amazon, please see link below. Ping pong balls are amazing for its flexibility with games and kids involvment ( customize them with sight words, numbers, use catch word games and more, I personally got 144 and all are used you will see in the images below I am reusing those  from counting activities with kids)


- plastic egg container, you can get one from container store or even use real one. If you are not convenient with using real egg containers ( I read some moms sanitize them in microwave), Easter  is coming, stores will be filled with foam egg containers for chocolate marshmallow eggs!

- paint brush

- acrylic paint from craft store red and blue color, matte finish is fine, I only had glossy so you will see the shine, but it is up to you. Have fun!

- painters tape about 1" wide to cover half of the ball for precision and fast work, also helps as great drying holder, see below

- tray for easy transfer and drying



 On the image below you can see I covered "clean" half ball with painters tape. I decided to put color on the number side, since I no longer need number ping pongs. Tear of a slice of painters tape and wrap around the ball. Better if your tape is wide about 1", it works amazing as a stand! This way after you apply the color you can simply put the colored ball on the tray without it tipping over and smudging.

Try to maintain the straight line along the half edge this will ensure accuracy with the border and will allow to quickly apply the paint.

 Use thick brush and cover the ball, 12 red and 12 blue, work fast as the painters tape will HELP you a lot. Acrylic paint dries very fast, if you like add 1 or 2 extra coatings.

 Here are the balls drying on the tray :-)


After drying remove the tape and voila! Place them in containers, plus our cards sized perfectly to fit in the container, store together, but NOT IN THE FRIDGE :)))

After playing acrylic paint would sometimes rub off a bit speckle here and there along the edge (you can notice a bit tiny white spot on the red ball on the left, since my kids were tossing them and free playing), but it holds up really good. Enjoy! And please add comments if you have some new ideas!


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