Alphabet Ispy letter pages PDF

8 by 11 alphabet word sheets in variety of fonts/colors practices a letter per sheet both capital and small to encourage letter identification and reading skills. Letters available A, B,C,D,E,F,G,H,P,S,T,U,W
Original pieces made from word cutouts out of different sources:newspaper/magazines with words most appropriate for young learners.
Digital download only, will be emailed to you.
1. Ask your child to use magnets or magnetic pompoms (non-toxic glue and magnetic tape) also available from our store (any other manipulatives) to cover the required letter as he finds it. He can use magnifying glass to make the activity more exciting - also available from our store.
2. Discuss the meaning of the words- does he knows the word? What does it mean? Ask to give you examples with the words, if your child can read -ask him to read the words with the letter he finds.
Start new letter unit with this alphabet Ispy pages to make it more exciting as your child learns to identify the letter and practices his eye coordination skills necessary for speed reading as well as for everyday practical experiences and growth.

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