Hanoi tower mathematical puzzle busy bag

Includes 1 mini tower pictured, 17 by 8.2 centimeters.

Rules for Towers of Hanoi. The goal of the puzzle is to move all the disks from the leftmost peg to the rightmost peg, adhering to the following rules: Move only one disk at a time. A larger disk may not be placed on top of a smaller disk.

Kids as young as 4-6 can start with 3 and move onto 4 ring solutions. There are great reasoning strategies involved such as breaking a problem in to smaller parts,number patterns, powers of two,exponential growth.

The tower solutions are closely related to pattern work and Algebra. Game graph of the Tower of Hanoi of size 7 showing relatedness to the Sierpiński triangle. As students solve the puzzle by moving the discs - they discover movement patterns and where there is a movement pattern there will always be a number pattern.The graph of these pairs per disc movement demonstrates exponential growth; that is, growth governed by the exponent (or power) in the equation. In this case that exponent is the number of discs.



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