Memory match game: animals

Grow memory skills and encyclopedic knowledge with your child, appropriate for any age, made of durable cardboard and very brightly colored images!.

-For younger kids just layout row of cards in front and teach matching by picking the matching card pointing with your finger and placing on top of it's copy.

-say the animal name to introduce the pictured animal/bird to your child

-for older kids play traditional memory match by placing all cards picture down and take turns one card flip at a time, who gets matching card continues the game until no match is picked. Winner gets the most cards matched!

-use as counters

-ask your child to divide into bird groups, insects, mammals ets

This activity excercises:

-fine motor skills

-memory skills

-encyclopedic knowledge

-reading skills

-eye coordination

Attn: not intended for teething.

$ 6.95

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