Animal Matching Memory popup picture discs logic different levels

These matching discs sets are great for

-building LOGIC eye tracking and differentiation skills, eye coordination and lead to fast problem solving skills

intriduce those as early as age 2 y.o as great warm up or as a challenge activity anytime through the day. Kids love those as they are pictorial, expressive, emotional and fun to touch and play with 

- fine motor skills as manipulative workout plus we use pop up stickers for even more SENSORY addition. 

- memory games

- matching games

- language skills ( ask to describe the difference or image specifics)

- art props ( draw from picture, explore motion, emotions, rhythm and gesture on the images)

The sets are of different levels and detail detection in order to match. Bright pictures will keep your child greatly ingaged. 

monkey set has fine shade differentiation and motion/pose matching challenge 24 discs 

fishes set has color differentiation and shape Plus we included some bubble image discs with visual counting challenge 34 discs 

owl set is color, pose differentiation 36 discs

dino set is color, dino type, shape differentiation  24 discs

butterflies have fine variations in color, a child has to be very observing to match those 24 disc

turtles are pose reach images, great for developing the spatial understanding of pose and language art, ask your child to describe the poses, amazing set for story creating! 32 discs 

other usage:

collect them, use as story stones : ask your child to pick 10 characters/ image discs and come up with story or make him create a story  right as he picks the images! Amazing creativity and language art builder tool.

Use them as art/ drawing props





$ 14.95

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