LIGHT TABLE exploration object set

This is a great collection of colored translucent objects for the light table activities.

The set includes:

- 8 mini colored about 2" cars

- 6 frogs

- colored tab dividers for overlaying and color mixing study (use scissors and cut out letters and numbers or other objects for your light table activities!)

- test tubes 

- 12 colored test tubes 6 colors

- 7 twist on clear round containers

- 16 colored shotglasses

- 3 strings of colored flower neclaces

- 8 colored ice cubes

- 8 colored ice cube fruits

- about 50 acrylic red hearts

- about 50 acrylic pink hearts

- about 50 acrylic blue diamonds

Use with light table and unleash your imagination or drop the acrylic hearts and diamonds together with some water lights during bathtime for treasure hunt!


$ 4.50

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