Alphabet soup accessories: beads

Create your mini alphabet soup activity for toddler and preschooler! This listing is for the bag of 78 neon multicolor alphabet beads, high quality made in USA. The listing for the pots and spatulas/scoops is hereplastic letters as on the image can be found here


- scooping is great to build finger muscles for fine motor work and writing

- use spatulas to pretend play and challenge grabbing the letters

- choose from deep pot, medium pot and pan.

Use this activity together with the book "Alphabet soup" or prepare the letter sheet, every time he or she "fishes out" a letter and names it correctly they proceed with finding it on the letter sheet and using either dot marker or magnet or any manipulative, even a letter from the alphabet soup! cover it.

Mini set is great for traveling, pick nick, playground toy. Sturdy plastic. Each pot comes with the blue napkin!

Warning: contains small parts - beads



$ 3.50

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