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Hello and Welcome to AlenaSani store, we are growing and expanding every day since September 2014. Our main goal is to create educational activities for young children as well as to offer hard to find supplies for parents and caregivers to build custom activities of their own, which can add more learning fun and educational variety to the days at home, after school or quiet time. We aim at keeping curiosity satisfied and helping young children to thrive both aesthetically and academically.

A child's brain reaches about 80 percent of adult size by 3 years of age and 90 percent by age five, and almost its full growth by age of 8, that is why it is important to help it establish as many connections as possible, exposing your child to versatile aspects of life.  The more information is observed through senses every day, to the more capacity grows the brain, meaning in the future it will be able to retain a lot of information and will have endless possibilities.

Second aspect is to give not only the  information but to teach to manipulate it to find solutions emphasizing creativity. That is why we would combine  encyclopedic/vocabulary activities with sorting, matching and problem solving.

Our sets are proved to be fun and successful with children. At early age learning is fast, effortless, most successful, most deep and retained the best. You might notice we have a lot of mini object activities that involve lots of finger work. We strongly believe fine motor skills are invaluable and above all other skills, as they are fundamental potential to overall child development. 90% of brain development comes through the palm and fingers making fine motor skills so essential.

We are planning not only to keep adding more new items and exciting educational kits, but also to provide you with informational finds on our blog where we would love to hear from you and exchange opinions.

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