Montessori bug counters matching activity

two laminated mats offer 3 activities: one mat with double sided activity- bug to word match, real life picture bug match, second mat with bug to bug image matching activity.
13 rubber high quality bugs counters

1. Expand encyclopedic knowledge of your child by introducing him to the wonderful world of bugs! Take first sheet and ask your child to find a real life match image for his rubber bugs.
2. To practice reading skills turn the page and either
a. read together with the child first day, identify the bugs and place them in proper empty squares under the corresponding bug name
b. next day see if the beginner reading or advanced reading child visually or by reading can place counters correctly
3. Use matching mat to train eye coordination and fine motor skills
2.Make color patters: ex, ask your child to build a bug pattern GREEN bug YELLOW bug BLUE bug and etc. Ask your child: "Find me a purple bug" for ex...

Warning: contains small parts not for children under 3.

$ 16.95

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