Montessori Hand anatomy study, fingers names and counting

This very educational and fun activity is so versatile. It consists of
- foam hand /fingers puzzle 
-laminated sheet for small foam hand pattern match
-laminated foam hand size color match sheet
-laminated vocabulary words set for practicing reading skills and growing encyclopedic knowledge
- 2 sets of small colored and differently sized foam hands

Laminated sheets are great for customizing your activity with your child. Use dry erase marker on the other size of one of the sheets, outline your child's hand or ask him to do it and ask him to label it with words provided in this kit..
Use dry erase marker to create tabs and sort hands by size, color etc
Even if your child doesn't yet know how to read, but is able to recognize letters, he can have assistance with the words at first but you will be amazed how next time he will recognize it with his visual memory.

Skills used
- eye coordination
-fine motor skills
-visual memory
-reading skills
color size recognition
-patter building
-match skills

WARNING small parts! Not for children under 3 y.o. or exercise extreme caution, depending on the level of your child.

$ 22.95

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