Magnet fine motor skill activity PDF

The set includes PDF file cards ONLY  (4 page PDF) of the full activity HERE described below as well

 - 8 laminated graphism cards 

- 1 horseshoe magnet durable, high quality (blue or red choice)

-2 magnetic balls, color varies

This truly exciting activity can not only introduce your child to magnetism, but also practice
- fine motor,
-visual perception
skills by tracing the magnetic ball along the black line of the graphisms and mazes of the card starting with the red dot while holding the horseshoe magnet under the card and the ball positioned on top of the card.

The activity is among the kids most favorite, since horseshoe magnet has such convenient grip it can be used to play "magna table tennis" with each player standing on each side of the table and rolling the magnet along the table for the opponent to try to catch it with the magnet, who misses the ball, loses the score and etc.

Eye Exercises are powerful! That's because Eye Exercises stimulate the whole brain.  

Each eye is linked to both hemispheres of the brain in specific ways. The right side of each eye's visual receptors connect to the left brain. The left side of each eye's visual receptors connect to the right brain.

So working on eye stimulation impacts many areas -- vision (of course), relaxation, memory, emotion, thought, creativity, motivation -- and especially creative intuition!

Eye Exercises...

Strengthen the ability to focus
Increase the scanning speed
Stimulate brain development
Accelerate memory retrieval
Integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and
Heighten sensitivity

WARNING small parts! Not for children under 3 y.o. or exercise extreme caution, depending on the level of your child.


$ 5.50

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