Mini foam zoology silhouette match activity with cards, sensory and encyclopedic

Set includes
- 12 foam primary color zoology (insects, dinosaurs, safari animals, farm animals and marine animals) cutouts
- 12 laminated cards with matching black silhouette and printed name

This activity is very reach in its educational value,
- great sensorial value: foam has very rough like light texture, children like to press on it and see the shape reappear. Curious finger tips will be pressing and pinching it non stop!
- encyclopedic value: introduce or deepen the zoology knowledge
- names are printed for beginner readers and for visual memorization
- eye coordination and concentration/shape identification
- primary colors are used for possible color sorting activities and color games
- use these shapes for printing: dip in the paint and use as stampers
- use for threading - bugs set in particular
- use for crafts and environment creation. and so on 
WARNING small parts! Not for children under 3 y.o. or exercise extreme caution, depending on the level of your child.

$ 13.95

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